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Our Mission

Rinvio aims to help clients become more productive and streamlined by creating a management system that aids in all aspect of running a trucking business. From onboarding to delivery, we are here to help every step of the way. We have thought of everything and anything to do with trucking, and if we have missed something - customization is easy as 1-2-3.

Our Story

We have run a trucking company before so we know what it takes to ensure success in the field.


Back in 2017, Derek Weiss saw a need for more trucking availability in the field of agriculture, and so he established Rocky View Commodity Carriers Ltd. alongside his best friend, Brandon Fiesel. The pair began to slowly and steadily accumulate clients and over the next five years established a large and loyal clientele. However, with the success came the unfortunate headaches. As any business owner will tell you, running a business is not easy and one thing in particular contributed to all the troubles: the lack of management. After consistently chasing after drivers to have up-to-date information and all their safety documents, Derek and Brandon teamed up with Mohamad Abdel Rida to create an all-inclusive solution to everything trucking. With the technical finesse Mohamad provided combined with the industry knowledge Brandon and Derek possessed, Rinvio was born.

Image by Romain Dancre

Derek Weiss

Project Lead

Derek is the co-founder of Rocky View Commodity Carriers Ltd. Derek is also the Project Manager of Rinvio, and works hard to manage the operations side of the business. Derek is responsible for working with customers to ensure that Rinvio is the right fit for all their business requirements.

Video Game Invention


The brains behind Rinvio. 

Our team brings a wealth of experience, and each individual has an interesting story to tell. Learn more about the leadership team that makes up Rinvio. 

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Mohamad Abdel Rida

Software Developer

Mohamad is the lead software developer at Rinvio, managing both the mobile and web platform of the software application. Mohamad is the technical lead behind  the design and implementation of new features.

Scrabble tiles and smartphone. _More awe

Braedon Feisel

Marketing Specialist

Braden is the marketing specialist behind Rinvio and is responsible for the business development. As the sale representative, Braden is also often seen spending time discussing Rinvio with prospective clients.

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