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Efficient Ticket Management Made Simple

Customizable Solution for Your Trucking Business Needs - No Experts Needed

Rapid Change Robust Choices

Rinvio is a safety conscious plug-and-play solution for all your trucking needs. We provide comprehensive onboarding that verifies and vets employees, as well as batch invoicing and document tracking.  Rinvio is also a commitment and compliance focused tool, ensuring that our customers are given real-time updates and reporting. We take pride in being safety focused via our risk analytics and asset management features. Through Rinvio, administrators can view real-time reports of all active assets, including their location and associated data.

Integrate Safety and Billing

Rinvio enforces safety standards and compliance regulations by preventing drivers from conducting trips without having up to date documents. Thus, enabling drivers to complete hazard assessments and BOLs in one software.

Real-Time Updates

Rinvio gives real-time updates to safety staff of high-risk FLHAs, Incident Reports, and Near Misses. The app also tracks discourse between company admins and field workers.


The app streamlines onboarding by automatically notifying insurers of new workers and equipment, along with providing all mandatory and typical documentation during onboarding.

Asset Management

Rinvio provides admins a map showing all active workers and asset location with added metrics in order to mitigate chances of safety non-compliance. Data tracked includes GPS location, average speed, and duration per trip, as well as a comprehensive risk analysis.

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Unverified Workers & Increased Risk

Vetting of Lease Operators, Owner Operators, and new employees working in the field without an insurer's knowledge.

Decentralized asset & document storage.

No knowledge of employee and asset location, spotty access to critical information a (ex. SDS sheet), and multi platform data storage.

Incomplete, Lost or Expired Critical Documentation.

Equipment with incomplete maintenance being used, lost CVIPs, Cab Cards, SFCs or other crucial documentation.

Paper is Wayyyy More expensive

Hundreds of Documents & Assets
No Management System

Productivity That Won't
Hurt Your Back

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Tailor bill of lading, TDG, and other documents to meet your business requirements. Through Rinvio, your drivers will have an intuitive trip experience that guides them through every step from starting the truck to delivery!

Drivers can upload documents and complete  trips with no internet connection, all while getting notified ahead of time. With Rinvio, clients are notified where all assets are

and when documents are missing. Through Rinvio, mileage, location, and registration can be tracked.

Let The Numbers Speak

13 Yrs

Industry Experience


Facility Locations


Invoice Revenue Captured


Countries World Wide

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Rinvio is a cross-platform tool designed at helping businesses become better-run businesses. 

Click on the icons below to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Connecting Dots

Curious to know more?

Have any questions or interested to see a live demo of the software, feel free to contact us or schedule a quick demo. 

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